Data Center Design and Development

"Data Center Design and Development"

A specific enterprise at a centralized location used for exchange of data and storage management rocess is called a Data Center. They are equipped with high demand networking communication systems at high speeds for handling all sorts of networking and web files, applications and traffic.

Constructing a Server Room/ Data Centre requires specialization in multiple domains. Involving activities like Architectural, Civil, Electrical, Data/Voice Communication, Radio Links, Proper Handling Of lots of Electrical, Data, Monitoring, Control Cables, False Ceiling, False Flooring, Cable Trenches, Cable Trays, Server Specialization, Router Installation, Airconditioning, Air Handling Systems, Environment Monitoring/Control Systems, Mega UPS's, Multiple Generators, Fire Monitoring & Fire Fighting Equipment, Access Control/ Surveillance Systems.

Having executed a complete Server Room involving a total end to end solution on a turn key basis for one of India's biggest ISP's and many more smaller Server Rooms/ Data Centres we have the required expertise and experience to handle any size of Server Rooms with any type of complexities.

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Aero Pack's system integration and knowledge upgradation strengths has given it an edge over others to excel in the areas of Data Centre Designs, Planning and Execution.


• Secured Investment Returns

• High Capacity & Density

• Support for SAN / NAS and Convergence

• Reliability and High Quality

• High Speed Technology Support

• Reduced Failures and Uninterrupted Continuity.